A Journey Down Memory Lane

I found an old letter I sent out when I was a summer missionary dating all the way back to 2006. I find it strange to read my old writings. Did I really write that? It is crazy, anyway, if you are interested, read on. As I sit down to compose this, all I can … Continue reading

The Ocean

Here is the official lyric video to The Ocean. Ponder this song and rejoice! “These are just shadows, and You are the SUBSTANCE.”

A Foretaste

    The next few posts will center on the foretaste of things unseen. In February, I came across a song by Matt Papa that was based on a quotation from Jonathan Edwards about what we see now being scattered beams, but God being the bright, glorious sun as the source of it all. It … Continue reading

The Appearance of Spring

This time of year is so exciting! Winter can be so bleak and dismal, but the hope of Spring always lingers during those months. The observation of the buds on trees that finally unfurl into tiny green leaves. Within weeks, the trees are adorned again. Flowers are so vibrant and dot the green with beautiful … Continue reading

Finding Things This Lent

  I did not grow up observing the liturgical season of Lent. We did observe Good Friday and I have fond memories of singing ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ as we marched from church to church in a tiny town when my family lived in Indiana. I remember egg hunts and sweet … Continue reading

Deliberate Acts Part 2

I never really did sit down and plan how I would deliberately show the kindness of God to. I believe that even though many of the acts were unplanned, they were deliberate. I will continue to think of ways to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to me and how I … Continue reading

Perpetual Student

I did not always like being a student. Elementary school was the hardest. Kids are cruel, and I certainly played a part in that cruelty. Learning new things is difficult too, especially if you hate math. I also procrastinate, which does not aid in being studious. However, I love being a student of the Word. … Continue reading

This is the Day

Each day I am made aware of the finite aspect of time. These days, I seem to zoom from one engagement to another. At the conclusion of a very long day, I arrive at home, not quite ready to sleep, but with little motivation to do anything else. Mornings are painful and the sluggard in … Continue reading

Deliberate Acts of Kindness

The plan: deliberately show kindness toward strangers and those in the household of faith. Let’s face it, the devil is prowling around seeking someone to devour, but that cannot be an excuse to let fear overtake you and do nothing. One must use discernment, but we have a Helper who is more than sufficient for … Continue reading