Here I am, looking at 2008 slip away into the history books. It has been a very interesting year, filled with inconsistency, hard times, discovering more of God’s goodness, beautiful times, great friendships, questions, answers, you name it, I have probably encountered it. As I draw this year to a close though, I am filled with joy. My relationship with the Lord is somewhat different than it was this time last year. I am learning to fall more in love with my Savior. It is not something I can fully put into words, how does one write the feelings of joy they feel? I know this, I want to pursue the things of Him more, that is, His word, His truths found in that word, and modeling His character in my life. Biblical womanhood is something I desperately long to acquaint myself with. Scripture memorization is another thing I wish to immerse myself in. Investing in the lives of others is a top priority. Sharing the GOOD NEWS with people is at the top of the list as well. My main concern though is that I seek to bring glory to God, all else falls into place when that happens. Soli Deo Gloria is my theme in life right now, may it be my life’s theme for the rest of it.

As I look on into 2009, I have no idea what the future holds. I will be graduating and the uncertainty in that is a little unnerving, I am not going to lie, but I know that my future is in His hands and I am finding myself saying, “I trust you.” I do trust in the Lord, He knows me and knows what I need. He will not leave me hanging.

Maybe I will remember to post more on here. My thoughts have been swirling around being the Bride of Christ, somehow I want to formulate the gift of being single into words. I am still shuffling through it myself, but I know that I have been gifted and I wish to encourage others and bring glory back to the Lord.

Reflect on your year, what has the Lord done? Stop and thank Him that He has lead you through another year. As a new year dawns, do not make resolutions, but take action on some things that you are neglecting.



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