Posted in January 2009


I am in love with old hymns. I feel like the really good ones do not get enough attention and I like seeking to find the really good ones. I became reacquainted with one and feel in love. I sang it in chapel the other day and it was a very great experience. Look at … Continue reading

School times.

I am a senior. That means that by mid-May, I will be a graduated senior. I am excited and sad at the same time. I am excited because that means that I will hold a Bachelor’s Degree. I am sad because I will be leaving people that I have come to love very dearly. I … Continue reading

This is what I call infighting.

The challenge of my doctrinal beliefs is frightening and refreshing at the same time. I went to the Motherland for a few days to get some things and do some other stuff before school kick starts in the next week or so. I was greeted with a vomiting of questions about my beliefs, from my … Continue reading