This is what I call infighting.

The challenge of my doctrinal beliefs is frightening and refreshing at the same time.

I went to the Motherland for a few days to get some things and do some other stuff before school kick starts in the next week or so. I was greeted with a vomiting of questions about my beliefs, from my family. I would consider myself to be reformed. The term is scary because it is not widely understood by many Christians. It does challenge the way that most people would view their relationship with the Lord and how they came into that relationship. I admit, to see the terms that I have begun to familiarize myself with is a little on the scary side, but I am not scared any longer. It entails a lot and I am just at the beginning of understanding and formulating what I believe, in such a way that I will know the Truth.

Basically, I am pitted against them because of what I believe. I wish this were not so. There is so much fighting within Christian circles. I must remember that on either side of the “debate” there are people that are more godly than I am. I am okay with that, but I do not want to be an enemy, nor do I wish for them to be mine.

I had to write a statement of beliefs last semester and it seemed so daunting, the way I used to believe about salvation has changed in recent months. Even though it is hard to convince myself of my believing, I used to think that I had something to do with my salvation, like it depended on me. It depended on Christ from the beginning. Grace is not a gift that one can run to Target and throw onto their gift registry. I do not understand all of grace, but I am beginning to unwrap this gift and love it even more.

O, that I might be a worthy steward of what is entrusted to me, that I will make much of Him and in so doing, make less of me. May others know the Truth!


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