Moving forward

A few months ago, I was stirred. Stirred to continue my studies. I was stirred also to move. Uproot my comfort and head into the unknown. It is a joy-filled journey, but in all honestly, some days have been more joy-filled than others.

This journey has been an interesting one. In God’s sovereignty, nothing is as you plan out. I have come to relearn that my thoughts are so futile. However, in this transition, as odd as some days are, I have been greatly blessed. I have seen the blaring and ugly reality of my sin. That is a blessing because I know that God is still at work in my life. Praise be to God that he is merciful and kind to me. I have experienced the joy of old friends as we share new joys in the fellowship of the saints. I have learned and am continuing to learn a new job.

I must continue to trust in Him. He is my strength and my portion. He must be my hope.

I aim to blog more regularly on the events and happenings (even if they are mundane) that I experience. Maybe this will be some form of accountability.


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