This is the Day

Each day I am made aware of the finite aspect of time. These days, I seem to zoom from one engagement to another. At the conclusion of a very long day, I arrive at home, not quite ready to sleep, but with little motivation to do anything else. Mornings are painful and the sluggard in me desires more sleep. After I told a woman about my jaunt around town during my lunch break the other day, I concluded that the only way I can do anything is by God’s grace.

I do not want the days to just slip away as meaningless. I do not want to live life as a checklist of tasks which have been completed. I do not want to abuse God’s grace. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to put God on display. I want my life to reflect the fact that Jesus lives! I have been crucified with Christ.

At  the same time, I do not want to eat the bread of idleness. It is easy to waste the free moments of the day on useless activities. By God’s grace, that must end!




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