Perpetual Student

Guatemala 2013 066

I did not always like being a student. Elementary school was the hardest. Kids are cruel, and I certainly played a part in that cruelty. Learning new things is difficult too, especially if you hate math. I also procrastinate, which does not aid in being studious. However, I love being a student of the Word. Do not get me wrong, there are days when it comes easier than others, but I would say that overall, studying the Word of God has proven to be one of the most beneficial things in all of my life.

I remember when I took a class on the Old Testament. There were things I had not fully grasped before that became so sweet to me, for instance, the whole idea of a covenant, and why blood needed to be shed for the remission of sin. I did not understand the kings and the fall of Israel and Jerusalem. I did not appreciate the Word, but the Holy Spirit illuminated it to me.

Taking a look into the New Testament brings great joy too! I learned that Jesus is God! I understood that Jesus enacted the new covenant by his death, burial, and glorious resurrection. There are so many wonderful gems in the New Testament.

As a student taking a quick breather on the academic journey, I hope to graduate one day, from school at least. I do hope to be a perpetual student of the Word. I do not ever want to graduate from learning and discovering how God has revealed himself in the written Word. I once had the opportunity to take a class on a particular Bible study method and the teacher of the course said something along the lines of, “You will never regret the time you spend in the Word.” How true those words are!

I will admit my intake of the Word has shortened to quick bites rather than delicious meals, but hopefully I will once again make time to mine for delicious morsels of the Bible.


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