Finding Things This Lent


I did not grow up observing the liturgical season of Lent. We did observe Good Friday and I have fond memories of singing ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ as we marched from church to church in a tiny town when my family lived in Indiana. I remember egg hunts and sweet treats galore. I remember new dresses and singing about how Jesus is alive. As I have grown, taking time to ponder the death, burial, and resurrection has become increasingly more important to me. In fact, this is probably the most important observance to me of the entire year!

I have tried to celebrate Lent, but always failed miserably. I came across Karen Ehman’s blog post: The Reverse Lent Challenge (for some reason, I can’t figure out how to properly insert a hyperlink). Her premise is that instead of removing something from your life, add something that would be beneficial. I have contemplated adding a few things, without going over board to readjust my focus during this season.

The first of those things began today, hopefully it will last longer than through Easter. I called a friend this morning and we prayed on the phone. We both came to the conclusion that we believe that individual prayer before the Lord is essential, but prayer together is mutually encouraging and can help focus time in the interior. We prayed for about 30 minutes, and we could have prayed longer, but I have to scurry off to work. It was a great pace-setter for the day. There is something unique about approaching the throne of grace to ask for a fresh start for you and to bring needs of others as well.

Do you celebrate Lent? If so, what are some things that you do?


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